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5 Tips To Making Your Best Wedding Day Ever

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

It’s no secret that weddings are a lot of work and have so many details involved. To guarantee yourself the best wedding day ever, keep it simple by knowing your budget and by hiring the right people to help you. This will not only save you time, headaches and money but will also ensure that your wedding goes off without a hitch. Below are our top 5 tips in making your wedding day the best ever.

1. Know Your Budget

One of the first things you should do is to create a budget with realistic expectations. Both of what you can afford and what items are going to cost. Chances are, unless you have been married recently or are a wedding planner, certain items might wind up coming with a bit of a sticker shock. Know your “needs” vs. your “wants”. Take time to write down all the items you can think of that pertain to the wedding from the venue and wedding dress to reception, honeymoon, caterers and so on. For example, some must haves, might be the exceptional wedding photographer and the DJ to keep the party on track. While some not so essentials might be the gold embossed wedding napkins or the huge floral arrangements you dreamed of lining the aisle with.

2. Choose the Perfect Location

Location, location, location! They say it for a reason. The venue that you choose for your big wedding day will be the backdrop to all your wedding photos and a talking point for all the guests. From those that must travel from out of state to those that live close by. From location to décor, inside or outside, be sure to choose a venue that is appropriate for your budget, your guests’ budgets and that can accommodate your guest list, as well.

3. Choose the Right Professionals

When it comes to a successful wedding there are certainly some things which can be sourced out to talented friends or even done DIY style and still come off spectacularly. From floral arrangements and décor to makeup and hair. But there is quite a bit that we highly recommend you leave up to the professionals. If you can afford one, we highly recommend a good wedding coordinator. This will help to ensure that you get the right DJ, Makeup Artist, Photographer, Caterer, etc. At the very least, if you can’t afford a wedding coordinator, you will want to be sure to hire a professional DJ, Wedding Photographer & Professional Caterer. Make sure they are all three in communication with each other as this will also help to ensure the night plays out smoothly and on time.

4. Dinner & Dancing

The next big thing you will want to focus on is dinner and dancing. With a creative menu and the right DJ, your reception will be a blast for all. An exceptional Caterer will know just the right menu to offer for your guests, and an experienced DJ can set the tone for the evening and make sure that everything goes down smoothly and on time. From the first dance to the bouquet toss to last call and announcing the exit of the bride and groom.

5. Exit Stage Left

Leaving the evening on a high note and exiting gracefully as your night ends is the only way to wrap up your perfect wedding day. Depending on your family’s background and traditions you may wish to throw rice or release balloons. Today we recommend more environmentally friendly ways to send off the happy couple. Paper airplanes, bubbles, sparklers, and flower petals are some alternatives to throwing rice and releasing balloons but with just as much effect. Plus, it’s better for the environment.

Your wedding is one of the biggest days in your life. You will spend months and months planning it and paying for it so be sure to take the time to make it memorable for yourselves and your guests. If you are in the Denver, CO area or your wedding will be and you are looking for a wedding DJ or wedding photographer reach out to Friss Photography and Entertainment anytime by clicking here.

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