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7 Ways to Impress With Your First Wedding Dance

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

It doesn’t matter if your first wedding dance is at a venue in Denver, Colorado, up in the beautiful Rocky Mountains or even far away in the Caribbean, your first wedding dance should be memorable and enjoyable. Most importantly for you, as a couple, you as individuals and your guests as well! What exactly goes into impressing with your first wedding dance? From finding the perfect song to perfecting the scene, the moves and more, we’ve got you covered with 7 ways to impress with your first wedding dance.

1. Find the perfect song

If you have a song as a couple, then this part is easy. And if you don’t, then the waters become a little more

muddled. Do you pick a song because it is popular or because it confirms to tradition? Don’t feel bound by rules or societal expectations. This is your first dance as a couple, and it should be a song that reflects both of you as individuals and as a couple as well. A good wedding disc jockey can be worth their weight in gold when it comes to helping find the perfect songs not just for the first dance but other important moments throughout the wedding and wedding reception.

2. Learn Some New Moves

If you and your partner have already had experience dancing together then you may already be rehearsing some new moves together. If you don’t have much experience dancing together, or dancing in general, take the time to have a couple of lessons together. It makes for a fun couple of date nights and gets rid of the awkward, prom dance factor that happens too often. If you can’t drag your partner to some dance lessons, then try for some at-home dance lessons on YouTube. Any practice is better than none!

3. Dress the Part

You will definitely want to keep in mind the outfit and shoes you are both wearing for your song and the moves. For example, if the bride is wearing a very full wedding dress and the couple wants to do a fun dance with spins, dips, lifts, and more extravagant moves then it would be wise for her to have a wardrobe change into a reception outfit that is more suitable for moving. Shoes are also a huge consideration. Make sure that you practice dancing in the same shoes you will be wearing during the first dance. No one wants blisters or worse yet, bad moves or no moves, just because of shoes during the moment.

4. Timing is Everything

How long should the first wedding dance last? Around two and a half to three and half minutes or so before guests and others start to get pulled in to dance. Longer songs, even if well-choreographed, just seem to go on for a bit to long and wind up dulling the mood a bit or leaving the crowd getting quiet and antsy. It’s a party! Keep it lively and get your guests onto the dance floor with you as quickly as possible to celebrate with you!

5. Bring In Fun Production Elements

If you want to make your first wedding dance a bit more memorable you can look to bring in some extra touches before, during and after the dance. Prior to the dance you can have the DJ retell your story with a brief and sentimental introduction or mental stroll through your relationship. Other ideas include personally recorded messages from both the bride and the groom that are infused with the first dance song as a sentimental surprise. Adding in a little bit of magic such as some fog, lighting effects and of course an epic finish with your new dance moves.

6. Get the Guests Involved

About a few minutes into the first dance or halfway into the next song, bring your guests into the fun! One of the ways to help get this started is to have guests line the dance floor as the first dance begins. Or when the couple enters the reception hall and transition directly into the first dance. Bringing in family and friends is an excellent way to make the moment more memorable and get great photos of friends and family smiling in the background while the couple dance.

7. Enjoy Every Moment

We know it’s a big day and there will be lots of emotions and nerves, but the most important part of the first dance is that you and your partner enjoy every moment of it with each other. Breathe deep and be present in the beauty of the moment and your shared love for each other. You’ve put a lot of planning and work into this moment, and you just got married! Dance the night away and enjoy this moment and every other one too!

If you are looking for help planning your perfect first dance, reach out to Friss Photography & Entertainment anytime by clicking here.

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