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Celebrating Love: Red Rocks, Colorado Engagement Photography by Friss PE

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Engagement & Couples Photography by Friss PE. Your Denver Area Wedding and Engagement Photographer. Location: Red Rocks Park, Morrison, Colorado.

We Love....Love! I mean, who doesn't love it. We had an absolute blast celebrating the love of this adorable couple and capturing their devotion to one another among the beautiful backdrops at Red Rocks Park.

Shooting Colorado engagement photography is always a fun adventure with all of the different, and gorgeous, outdoor locations to choose from here in Colorado. Whether you want to find somewhere closet to Denver or are wanting to adventure further out into the Rocky Mountains for your perfect engagement photos we are here for the adventure!

And fun fact about couples photography.. it doesn't have to be just saved for engagements and weddings. It's never a bad time to celebrate your love and capture your love for one another. From newly engaged couples to newly dating or on your 20th year of marriage couples, couples photoshoots are a really fun way to bond and capture memories that you and your loved one will treasure for years to come.

Celebrate the love in your life with timeless couples photography today because tomorrow isn't guaranteed. Email or call or text at (408) 893-9132 to book your session today!

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