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"Looking for Colorado Wedding Photography Near Me but Not Sure Where to Start?"

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Looking for Colorado Wedding Photography Near Me but not Sure where to start? Follow our advice for what to do when looking for the perfect wedding photographer for your wedding.

We hear it all the time. How do I find the best Colorado wedding photographer or Denver Area Wedding Photographer near me?

It’s no secret that your wedding photographs will be your most treasured wedding keepsakes and possibly your most treasure memories in life. Photos which are shared and passed down from generation to generation. With the numerous wedding photographer options, websites, profiles it can be overwhelming to search through them all to find the best photographer for your Colorado wedding. So how on earth do you find the best wedding photographer near you?

The first thing you will want to do is to determine the photography style you would like for your wedding and book your venue. Knowing whether you will be having your wedding in downtown Denver or over in Golden, Colorado versus having at a more out of the way Colorado location like Estes Park, Crested Butte or even Colorado Springs or Boulder can make all the difference. Not having to pay exorbitant travel fees can make a big difference. Also pay attention to how in demand the photographer or studio seems to be. If Your Photographer is in high demand, you will want to reach out at least 9 – 12 months in advance.

Check their reviews, website and social media profiles and make sure that you like their style of wedding photography. Take the time to interview your photographers. Reach out to them and ask questions about availability, services, who exactly will be shooting the wedding and if they will have or need an assistant. Sometimes the bigger studios have multiple photographers under one name so you may not wind up with the exact person shooting the wedding whom you thought you were booking. Be sure to take the time to discuss the fees, as well as how long they will be on site for the wedding and reception. It is always wise to also ask about photo delivery and photo package pricing at the beginning as well, so this isn’t a surprise charge at the end.

Once you have gathered your information and done your photographer research, read reviews, and reached out to your favorites, take the time to discuss with your partner. Then go with your gut instinct on who you both feel most comfortable with. Finally do a test run with your wedding photographer well before wedding day. An engagement shoot is an excellent way to get celebrate the moment and make sure that you are comfortable with your wedding photographer.

If you still have questions or would like guidance on choosing the best wedding photographer near you and you are located in the Denver Metro Area, Littleton, Colorado or Highlands Ranch Colorado reach out to us anytime at We also accommodate weddings that are outside of the Denver Metro Area for a reasonable travel fee.

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