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Elevating DJ'ing Denver Weddings to a New Level

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Getting married in Denver, Colorado? Looking for the perfect DJ for your Denver Wedding? Just one quick google search will quickly give you plenty of options. But what sets each one apart from the rest. We can’t speak for the others but we do know what sets us apart. At Friss Photography & Entertainment we bring an elevated and modern Wedding DJ experience to every event we play. From the caliber of our DJ equipment to the quality of our client care process. Read on to see what we do to ensure that you have nothing but the best for your big day.

Good sound quality is a must at every wedding and wedding reception. There’s nothing worse than a crackly speaker or bass that doesn’t hit. Unless the power goes out. That’s why we use the JBL EON MK2 or Mark 2 Speakers which are lightyears ahead of other DJ speakers in terms of technology. not only have killer sound but also have amazing battery life. We can run our reception speakers for up to 8 hours on a full charge! And with no generator or extra batteries and cords laying around. The system is an all in one, takes up little space but makes big sound and looks fantastic doing it. It also makes it a super safe space for little guests or big guests that may act young at heart by eliminating any trip factors.

At Friss PE, we always conduct equipment test runs and arrives to events with minimum an hour and a half set up time to ensure that everything is setup and ready go long before the first guest arrives. In worst case scenario’s we always have back up gear and equipment ready to go as well. If you wish for us to arrive even earlier to setup, we are more than happy to accommodate. Just ask! One of the many great qualities of the equipment that we use is that not only does it look good and take up minimal space, but it is also very easy to set up.

All of our Wedding DJ Packages include the highest level of customer service and guidance throughout the entire process. From before you book, to ensuring that every important moment is planned out to go and sound the way you want it to, exactly when you want it to. If you know exactly what songs you want played before, during & after the ceremony, great! And if you have no clue at all? We’ve got you covered. We will guide you through creating the perfect song list for both your ceremony and your wedding reception. If you prefer a more casual structure of reception DJ’ing we are happy to leave the song list open to guest requests, but only at your request. There’s nothing worse than an overindulging guest who takes control of the DJ for the event.

Perhaps one of our favorite personalized touches that we offer is our matching service. We understand that you have importantly planned out every detail of your wedding, from dress to venue to flowers, invitations, napkins and much more. Which is why we always make sure that our attire fits in to your color scheme. If you have special requests, certain colors or styles of clothing you wish for us to dress in please let us know! It is important for us to carry on the theme of your wedding and to do everything we can to make sure that every detail is accounted for so that you can kick back and enjoy your magical evening.

Ready to elevate your Wedding DJ experience? Call or Text Friss PE anytime at (408) 893-9132

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