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Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Professional DJ for Your Colorado Wedding

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Top 5 Reasons To Hire A Professional DJ for Your Colorado Wedding.

We’ve seen our fair share of Colorado weddings on both a personal level and professional level from beautiful ceremonies here in Littleton, Colorado to Mountaintop weddings in Aspen and Vail and we can tell you that the DJ is the last thing you want to cut out of your wedding budget. Especially if you are having a Colorado Wedding.

Here are our top 5 reason that you need to hire a professional DJ.

1. Expert Planning and Professionalism: An experienced wedding DJ will know how to help you curate your song list and plan for all the important moments of your wedding and wedding reception so that no detail is missed or left out.

2. Professional Equipment: You’ve gone out of your way for the best of everything, don’t let that be ruined by an unprofessional DJ with subpar equipment. A Professional Wedding DJ will have great sounding gear that will perfectly compliment your big day. Whether you are dancing in a reception hall in Highlands Ranch or under the stars up in the Mountains. They will have experience with setup regardless of the type of location.

3. Appearance Is Everything: We understand that you’ve spent countless hours making sure that everything looks perfect for your big wedding day, and a good DJ will work with you to make sure they match that effort. At Friss Photography & Entertainment, we do just that! If you would like us to incorporate your wedding colors, flowers or theme into our attire or DJ booth setup we are more than happy to accommodate. The appearance of a Professional DJ’s Equipment should likewise always been clean and clutter free.

4. Ceremony & Reception Timing: A professional DJ will work with you to make sure that maintaining that right atmosphere at the right times. From playing the right song when the bride walks down the aisle to knowing when to hype up the crowd, throw the bouquet, making toasts are all part of the package with a professional DJ. An experienced and professional DJ will make sure that everything happens exactly when it should.

5. Results & Memories: This is one of the most important days of your life and you deserve the perfect day with the perfect memories. The importance of making sure that you get the results and memories from your wedding is something which only an experienced and professional Wedding DJ can guarantee. Unless your Uncle Jim is an experienced wedding DJ do yourself the favor and make sure you take the time and set aside the funds for the best DJ for your wedding. We guarantee it will be worth every penny. If you are looking for a DJ for your wedding or have questions please reach out to Friss Photography & Entertainment anytime at

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